Commerz Trade Services

Commerz Trade Services (CTS), is a subsidary of the Commerzbank Group established to extent it’s business model in the handling of foreign trade specifically in the letter of credits (LC) segment.

To be the Leading Trade Service Bank, Trade Processing Centers (TPCs) across Eupore & Asia were openned that would enable economics of scale & centralized processing leading to higher levels of process efficiency.

Malaysia is one of the locations choosen to hub the center due to its highly skilled trade workforce & stable economy.

Trade Processing Center Kuala Lumpur (TPC KL) was incorporated in July 2012 with a total number of 18 staff. At present we have expanded by few folds & are nearly reaching 100 FTEs.


Integrity is crucial as it is the basis of trust into our company

Mutual Respect & Partnership

Mutual Respect & Partnership shape our relationship to our clients, colleagues and partners

Market Orientation

We think and act market oriented in the interest of our client's need and goal


Individual and team oriented performance are the basis for our success

Team Spirit

Working for us together means team spirit, so that we can collectively enjoy our success